POST 2 - The Quest of the Guestbook


You are on the slopes of the Chamossaire. To the northwest, you see the Grammont. In a straight line, behind the Grammont, there is the Atlantic Ocean and Montreal, the hometown of a famous Formula1 driver who loves Villars.

Who is he? Listen to the clues Paul is giving here.


Paul: So, here, my little Anne, we are in the 2000s, I think. Can you help me read? “In memory of an extraordinary night, spent in the company of……” Ah, darn, it’s gone! And the signature? We could try to guess it, but it’s hard to read it. At least it’s written in French. I read: “un grand… mer…ci… à Craig et Barbara“, right?

Oh, yes, I remember now! It must be that young Canadian Formula 1 driver, what was his name again?

He was a world champion, and he was friends with a certain Craig Pollock, whom he had met at the Collège Alpin Beau-Soleil, right here in Villars. It was Craig and his wife Barbara who then came up with the idea of the Formula Charity. A 24-hour team ski race, held in Bretaye and in which he participated. The proceeds were donated to children’s charity associations. We called it the “24 Hours of Villars” and I believe it was repeated every year until 2010…

By the way, our driver friend still has a chalet in Villars, if I remember correctly…

 Anne: He’s a driver with a big heart, right Grandpa? your famous stranger there. It takes a lot, I imagine, to drive a Formula 1 car. And also to create a race like this!

By the way, several racing car drivers have passed through Villars, haven’t they? Fangio, Jim Clarke, Gilles Villeneuve, and others…

Didn’t you tell me once that they founded the Formula 1 Drivers’ Club here in Villars? And, Grandpa, wasn’t the father of this guy you are telling me about also a Formula 1 driver ?


Which personality are we talking about?

With the help of the audio recordings, guess to whom POST 2 is dedicated.

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